Vision, Mission and College Values

Our Mission and Vision

St Paul’s Catholic College Manly is proudly a part of the community of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay. Our shared mission is to provide a quality Catholic education, informed by the life and teachings of Jesus, that will prepare young people to lead lives of meaning and purpose. 

Our vision is for the College to be:

  • a place of learning that addresses the specific needs of every student and celebrates their successes
  • a community that provides every student with opportunities to grow and achieve physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually
  • a place of welcome that recognises and upholds the dignity of every person 
  • a community of faith, in which the example of Jesus Christ informs our relationships

Our Values

Our mission and vision are underpinned by the values of the Gospel, expressed as:

  • Respect – accepting the different gifts that each person brings to our community while recognising each one as created in the image and likeness of God
  • Responsibility – being accountable for our actions and ensuring that our choices promote the common good of every member of our community
  • Reverence – a deep awareness that the opportunities that we have been given reflect the will of a God that knows and loves us and the hard work of our families and community, and that they are not to be taken for granted
  • Results – a commitment to continually challenge ourselves and those around us to grow into our potential as learners.