Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

What is BYOD?

Digital technology and its use is present in all areas of the school curriculum.  Our Bring Your Own Device Program requires all students to bring a personally owned laptop or tablet to school every day for the purpose of learning.

How does BYOD work?

  • Students are free to bring any device which meets the ‘Minimum Specification Requirements’ that are set by the school. Please click here to access St Paul’s 2024 Specifications Requirements
  • The device must have the hardware and software to allow student’s full participation in all class activities
  • The school can provide assistance; however, it is still your own device and it is the student’s responsibility to keep their device safe and secure
  • If your child is not able to bring a computer to school due to financial difficulties, please contact our Business Manager.

Purchasing a device

You can choose to purchase any device as long as it meets the school’s minimum requirements.  The links below are for your convenience only; St Paul’s is not endorsing the purchase of a device from any particular supplier, this is your choice.

JB Hi-Fi (enter School Code: STPAULSMANLY ).

HP Online (enter code: StPaulsManly).



Please do not feel limited by the providers listed above; your device can be purchased from any provider and any location.