Attendance Information

Attendance Information


What to do if your child is late for school or leaving early

If your child is arriving late at the College, it is necessary for them to sign into the College. This will be recorded as late on their attendance, please notify the College if their lateness relates to an appointment.

If your child is leaving the college during the day before the end of classes they must sign out at the office.  Students will not be permitted to sign out without parent permission.  Parents may contact the front office in person, or via phone/email to arrange their child’s early departure.

What to do if your child is absent from school

Please contact the College Office on 02 7256 2112 or via email before 10:00 am if your child is absent from school.

If you have not contacted the College to advise of your child’s absence, please send a note the next day clearly identifying student name, pastoral care class, a reason for absence, date and parent signature.  Alternatively, parents can access Compass to update student absentee details.

Application for Student Leave – Exemption from Attendance at School

If you are considering a short period of leave requiring your child to be absent from school, please complete this form and email to for the attention of the Principal.

Your form should be sent to the College at least two weeks prior to the proposed leave date, and is to include the following details:

  1. Your child’s name and surname
  2. Their Year group and PC group
  3. The exact dates and number of days that they will be away from school
  4. The reason for your request for leave
  5. Examinations / Assessments tasks due during leave period.

If the requested leave period is 10 days or more, please click here, complete and sign the Form A1 Application for Extended Leave (L) – Travel and return attached with your email.

Minimum Attendance Requirements

To access information regarding compulsory school attendance (NSW Education Department)  click here.