Student Leader

A few significant events to report on this newsletter.

So we will start with our teachers. Every day, they are making a difference educating and inspiring young people. We celebrated World Teachers’ Day on Friday the 27th October. This day is an opportunity to acknowledge our teachers and say thanks for the significant contributions they make in our classrooms and communities. We celebrate the work they do in preparing future generations for work and life. We asked that our St Paul’s students think about one way they are able to say “thank you” and acknowledge the contribution the teachers make to our education and to show our appreciation for the dedication and hard work that the teachers bring to our school, as well as their kindness and their willingness to support us. We want to ensure that our teachers are aware of how important they are to us as individuals, and as a collective society.

Last week, members of the school were invited to wear fluoro clothing for mental health and to finish off mental health month in flying colours. This serves as a significant reminder of the importance of our mental health, particularly during stressful times. It allowed us to consider our own mental health in a fun and productive way. In addition to the fluoro clothes, two members from OneWave also visited the school to further discuss the importance of mental health, as well as sharing their own personal stories and advice for dealing with issues we may be struggling with.

Mental Health month served as a good reminder that there are always resources for anyone struggling with mental health, whether it is parents, teachers, school Counsellors or even organisations such as Headspace, who are always willing to help. Another great reminder for all of us that many struggles with mental health and it is nothing to be ashamed of. The takeaway message is to look after your mental health, be kind and look out for your mates.

As the Year 7 to 10 students prepare for End of Year Examinations, prefects have been, attending Homework Club on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. It has been great to help the younger students out as they finalise their assessments and prepare for their exams. We are looking forward to continuing this initiative into the new year.

Will Horton and Noa Valentine
Year 12, 2018 Student Leaders